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PostSubject: wOZ's APP   wOZ's APP I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 01, 2009 11:25 pm


Gamer name: w OZ^
Steam User Name: bladerboy1
Steam ID:
Email Address: P_I_M_P_E_D_4_U@hotmail.co.uk
Age: 16
Gender: not sure tbh xD... Male xD
Nationality: English ftw
What Squad Would You Like To Join: Squad 2, im mid+ skilled and forever gettin better, so maybe a try for 1 as well wouldnt hurt
Skill (low,mid,high): mid+
Playing Availability: basically everyday
Former Clan History: Distortion rebels, ABSTRAKT gaming, Hash-Gaming
Do you have a Microphone: yes
Why Do You Want To Join Pure.Gamers: because u seem 2 be a good stable clan, that wont fold anytime soon
About yourself : I Love aim sevrers (Aim_deagle and aim_ag_texture2 FTW) I love the awp.. and when im on form with it.. dont mess with me... i wont miss a shot xD
Who sent you to the website: CL i think xD
What servers would you like to see from Pure.Gamers: Pub and matching ofc
Anything else you would like to add: I <3 u xD
I agree that when I am in Pure.Gamers I will not join another clan and be a one clan man/women:I DO AGREE XD

p.s ill get the steam id to u asap... css wont load atm xD
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