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 omg amazing poker on tv from pkr.com!

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omg amazing poker on tv from pkr.com! Empty
PostSubject: omg amazing poker on tv from pkr.com!   omg amazing poker on tv from pkr.com! I_icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2009 3:11 am

probably the best poker gam u culd hope for constant all ins and 1 play just running away with it

01:01 - Mercury csspuregamers.co.uk: just 1 player lol
01:01 - Mercury csspuregamers.co.uk: super agreeeive play
01:01 - Mercury csspuregamers.co.uk: every hand with a ace or king he just went all in lol
01:02 - Mercury csspuregamers.co.uk: went about 10X as much as the guy in 2nd straight away
01:02 - Mercury csspuregamers.co.uk: and he won like $25000
01:02 - Mercury csspuregamers.co.uk: then the guy who came 2nd was also prtty classic
01:03 - Mercury csspuregamers.co.uk: played about 3-4 big hands
01:03 - Mercury csspuregamers.co.uk: but just sat ther most of the time
01:03 - Mercury csspuregamers.co.uk: watching the main guy pik every1 off 1 by 1
01:03 - Mercury csspuregamers.co.uk: so he finished 2nd and got £15000

barely ever reached the river (last card) the guy just went all in over and over after he was like 4 times ahead of any1 else and every1 was too scared to challenge lol ul probably never see sum1 playing so aggresively in match with a cash prize, gr8 game to watch flower
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omg amazing poker on tv from pkr.com!
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