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 Pure.Gamers Rules and Regulations

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Pure.Gamers Rules and Regulations Empty
PostSubject: Pure.Gamers Rules and Regulations   Pure.Gamers Rules and Regulations I_icon_minitimeFri May 22, 2009 9:11 pm

1. Cheating is not permitted on the server. If you are caught
cheating/hacking you will be banned without warning. In addition, we
will make every attempt to get your CD key identifier added to Master
Ban lists provided by sites such as VAC or Punksbusted. This is your
only warning, disable and remove any pathetic cheats. We play fair. If
you accuse someone of cheating, you must make a valid arguement or you
will find yourself being kicked from the server.

2. We will kick/ban the following players: racists, those who make
discriminatory remarks, players who use excessive foul language and
players that abuse Pure. members.

3. You must appear on Steam at least once a week. It gives us the
sign that you are still apart of the clan and so that we can update you
on the latest goings on in the clan.

4. Respect all other players on the server and on the site. Any
derogatory statements about members or the clan in general will be
deleted. No bitching please we're all adults here.

5. High ranking Admins and members desison is always final. What we
say goes so do not get yourself in a situation where we are forced to
make a decision about your status and future on the server/website/in
the clan.

6. You respect our tags and we hope others do this to. If you are
seen with our tags without our permission on any server this will
resolve in a permanent ban on all our servers without a warning.

We expect all -Pure- members to have TeamSpeak/Ventrillo and are
advised to have Steam. Please try and make an effort to game with the
members of our community from time to time.

Of course you don't always have to come on TS,Ventrillo but it would be good to
hop on when you can. Also if you're going to be away for a while - make
a post to let us know! We can't keep track of everyone. If you are
inactive for 1 week, without notice you will be moved to then inactive
list. After 2 weeks of inactivity with no reason you will be removed
from the clan.
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Pure.Gamers Rules and Regulations
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