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PostSubject: Donations Here   Donations Here I_icon_minitimeTue May 26, 2009 4:57 am

All donations are greatly appreciated and go toward the costs of the server and its add-ons.
order to keep providing our community with our own game servers we do
require regular assistance from our members in the form of donations
towards their upkeep.

We would like to take this opportunity
to thank all of the people who have previously contributed and who will
contribute in future, for their help. It is your donations which help
to keep this community alive! As always, all clan members who make
payments towards server upkeep will be provided with admin access to
the public servers.

Donation FAQs:
    How much should I donate?
      is entirely up to you, some players regually donate £5-£10 a month,
      others a one-off payment of a higher value and many other amounts. A
      donation can never be too little, and certainly never too much!

    How do I donate?
      Simply click the button at the bottom of the screen. PayPal is currently the main form of payment transfer, however
      we are looking into text-message donations. You may retract your
      donation for whatever reason within the week of donating (-% of current
      PayPal transfer rate). If you prefer to make another form of payment,


How long does my donation status last?

      depends on the amount you donate. As a general rule, £5-8 will grant
      you donator status for a month, higher amounts will double or triple
      this time and always represents the value of your contribution.

    What do I get for donating?
      will reward you with access to the server reserve slots. All Pure
      servers have unlimited reserve slots, so you can join whenever you
      like. Apart from supporting the community, you will receive the

      • Access to the reserve slot for all Pure servers
      • Ping, Auto-Kick, Reserve-Slot-Kick, AFK and Team Balance immunities
      • Free use of our match server when you request it

      • Snazzy forum title: & access to Donator chat

          Pure| Regular/Donator

          Donations Here Regular+donator


Donations Here Bnr_nowAccepting_150x40

Many thanks to all the donators! Please remember to include your in-game name, Steam ID and Steam User Name as COMMENT when donating! We do not require a shipping address.
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Donations Here
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